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Thanks for visiting We are bankers, economists, and analysts interested in the Asian banking scene, and committed to making it easier for you to find resources which shed light on the industry.

We do not provide investment advice - not here, anyway - and we are active traders of, advisers to, sometimes employees of, and hopeful recipients of mandates from banks. In other words, you should assume we are conflicted up the wazoo. That said, we don't believe we've ever pulled our punches and we try to be brutally honest.

Naturally, our opinions are our own and not those of any of the companies or organizations we represent. Enough disclaimers......

How to reach us is produced by a small staff of bank wonks with nothing better to do. Its focused chaos (TM) is loosely overseen by Paul Sheehan, the bank wonk's bank wonk.

You can reach him with any comments, complaints, questions, submissions, job offers, or salacious photos at: More about him here.



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