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Updated banking lists and links for Indonesia, Nepal, and Myanmar. (9/7/20)

Added: Bhutan banking links and annuals (8/24/20)

Updated Philippine country page, including links, rankings of the largest banks and thrifts, branch networks, and more. (8/12/20)

Wow, it has been quite a while. Let's kick off a major update with all new links for China in three parts: Major and Policy Banks, City Commercial and Rural Commercial Banks, and Nonbank Financials. We will be working through the rest of the markets in similar fashion, starting with links and a whole bunch of new annual reports. There is a lot to do. (8/10/20)

Updated links and annuals for Pakistan. And how about links and annuals for Bangladesh? (1/13)

More in Central Asia: Uzbekistan banking links (12/18) and rankings. Also: now with more Stans than the leading brand: Kazakhstan and Kyrkyzstan banking links (1/16). Other latest links: Mongolia, Brunei.

Updated in Singapore: Loan growth and composition for banks and finance companies. (10/23)

China Bank links updated yet again (10/20), as we keep turning up more working websites. We now link to a total of 71 banks, credit cooperatives, and banking resources, and think we have the best collection of Chinese banking links anywhere. If you know a better site (or banks we are missing) please let us know!

By request: Cambodian and Laotian (very sparse) banking links and information. (9/19)

Updated in Hong Kong: Loan and deposit growth trends, rankings, market share data, and annual reports. (9/3) Also, vastly improved China bank links.

Kicking off Korea: Updated links, rankings, and annuals. (7/2) More to come.

Updated in the Philippines: Annual reports, and links. (6/25)

Added: New Zealand banking links (6/10) and Macau banking links (6/15). See all our banking links.

Updated in Indonesia: Loan and deposit growth, plus a ranking of the major banks and a collection of annual reports. (3/18) Also: deposits of major banks by product, and market share of bank deposits. (4/20)

Updated in Thailand: new links, annual reports, and acronym guide. (2/18)

Added in OZ: rankings of Australian Banks and Building Societies by assets, loans, and capital; also updated annual reports for major banks. (2/13)

Vietnamese banking links are live - surely a tough country in which to find info about banking. We've got most of the major state and private banks here. (2/11)

Some love for the sub-continent: Indian banking links are here, also new bank links for Sri Lanka and Pakistan (2/9/05). See all our Asian bank links.

Paul Sheehan's remarks (Powerpoint) on Korean banks and the future of banking competition in Korea, presented at the Economist Corporate Roundtable on Korea, Conrad Hotel Hong Kong (2/1/05).

Happy New Year - Australian domestic and foreign authorized institutions (added 1/2/05), annual reports, and stock charting for Aussie banks and FinCos (added 1/15). Also, branch networks of all licensed Australian banks and building societies, and a ranking of the largest networks (1/25).

Added - December requests: some info on the Philippine banking sector, and a basic Taiwan page.

Added 11-09-04: Malaysia macro and banking data.

Added 10-31-04: Singapore macro and banking data.

Site additions: In-depth pages on Hong Kong and Thai banks, with rankings, market share stats, loan growth and macro figures, branch networks and more.





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